Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday, 2nd October 2017

President:Dr Maung Aye
Vice President: Lesley Watters
Treasurer: Leslie Young
Secretary: Pat Nicholson
Membership Secretary: Lesley Watters
Club Referee: Will Grieve
Web Administrators: Lesley Watters and Gemma Ross
Club Development Officer/Senior Secretary: Mac Brown
Safeguarding Officer: Pat Nicholson
Club Coach: Ian Reilly
Committee Members: Sue Hosny, Lorna Hutchison, David Owen, Iain Laidlaw and Dawn MacBrayne
Junior Committee Members: Alice MacBrayne, Andrew Callow, Michael Ferguson

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on Monday, 2nd October 2017

Present: Maung ,Leslie, Lesley, Pat, Sue, Will, Gemma

1 Apologies: Lorna, Mac, Dawn, David

2 Adoption of minutes from Monday, 4th September was proposed by Lesley and seconded by Maung.

3 Matters Arising: dealt with in main agenda.

4 Proposal from Alison Moore: Alison proposed to the committee that Melrose Waverley host an Open Mixed Tournament on Saturday, 7th April. Entry would be restricted to 10 couples on a “first come, first served basis.” The committee agreed in principle to the hosting of this tournament. The organisational details will have to now be worked out and brought to the committee when they have been put in place.
Action: Alison and Mike to work out the details of running the tournament, e.g. entry fees, cost of balls, catering arrangements, how to invite entries, possible sponsorship etc.

5 Preparations for A.G.M; Pat is standing down from the committee and Alison Moore has volunteered to be proposed as secretary (combining that role with membership Secretary for a trial period.)All members present were willing to remain on the committee. Gemma has agreed to be the web site coordinator The committee agreed to ask Val Miller (Vice Chair of Community Council) to present the trophies. She has always supported the club in what we wish to do.
Action: Pat to advertise the A.G.M. in shops and in the press.
Lesley to email members not at the meeting to ask if they are willing to continue to serve on the committee.
Lesley to flag up two cavant posts of Junior Representative and Safeguarding Officer

6 Clubhouse Development: We were pleased to receive our funding of £2,482 from the William Hill Fund. We received the full amount which was finally requested after screening from the SBC Grants’ Team. At the beginning we had applied for more funding, but certain things were not permitted to go forward, as they did not fit community funding criteria or were seen as “nice to have, but not essential.” Table 1 below shows what we can purchase with the funding and Table 2 the “wish list items” that were part of Trish‘s overall vision for the clubhouse. The committee agreed that the wish list would be gradually purchased when additional funds were generated e.g. from the Quiz Night and Christmas Draw

1 Items to be purchased from funding 2 Items that did not meet funding criteria
Extending Table £ 469.00 Bar Spotlights for ceiling £120
Stackable Chairs (x12) £ 300.00 Wall Murals £142.40 (35.60 x4)
Sofa £ 399.00 Signage £770
Rugs (x 2) £ 120.00 Photo Frames £114
Wall Heater & Fitting £ 424.00 Men’s Changing Room Lights £81
Window Blinds £ 295.00 Veranda Chairs £100 (4x £25)
Coffee Table & 2 Easy Chairs £ 240.00
Kitchen Equipment £ 186.00
Outdoor Wooden Seat £ 49.38
Painting/Redecoration £1,606.40

7 Reports :

• Treasurer
This report covers the period from 4 September 2017 to 30 September 2017.

i) Bank
The balance in the Royal Bank of Scotland account stands at £3,474.50. The Scottish Building Society Treasurers Account balance remains at £28,343.73, so that the combined balance is £31,818.73. This means that the overall balance has decreased by £634.07 since the September meeting.

ii) Payments
The main payments in the last month have been:
a) £220.00 Court maintenance – Dara Walshe.
b) £125.00 Electricity.
c) £1,456.00 Coaching expense.
d) £151.44 Clubhouse catering expenditure.

iii) Income
a) £79.85 Visitor fees.
b) £1,108.50 Coaching fees.

iv) Coaching Fees
All the payments for the April to June period have now been received. 142 people have attended tennis coaching during the August to October period. I have received 116 payments so far, leaving 26 outstanding.

v) Draft Annual Accounts
The end of our financial year is 30 September and I am currently preparing the Annual Accounts, which have to be audited. In the last year the Club incurred a deficit of £6,505. If the final payment for last year’s Clubhouse Development is taken out, then a surplus of £4,388 would have been achieved. This is the amount that should be set aside each year for the renewal of courts and floodlights.

Total income was £26,570 which is about £650 higher than 2016, after ignoring grants. Membership Fees were £464 higher and Visitor Fees were £191 higher. Ignoring the cost of the Clubhouse Development, expenditure was £70 lower than 2016.

All the figures that I have quoted above are subject to change.

vi) Christmas Draw
5,000 tickets have been ordered for the Christmas Draw, which will cost £156.00. This an increase from last year. I am going to try to send tickets to those that attend coaching but are not members.

vii) LTA Registration
I have renewed the Club’s registration with the LTA and paid the £390.00 registration fee.

• Membership: 172 total, made up of 53 adults,35 concssions,2 social,38 juniors,44 children
• Coach: The first block of coaching is almost over. This block has gone well with most groups very busy with some at full capacity. The senior girls’ group is struggling with numbers attending due to competing activities. Ian will now be booking the school hall for some of the winter classes
8 Court's Upgrade: Ian and Mac had met with the representative from Doe Sports and the cost of the upgrade has already been circulated to the committee:£31,969,20,inclusive of V.A.T .The resurfacing will entail 34mm of tar being put on top of the existing surface ,slightly ramped to the sides. The price also includes the painting of the courts. The courts will be out of action for the first two weeks in July, Painting will take place after a space of three weeks, but during this time the courts will be available for play using temporary lines
Action: Ian to explore if there is any funding available to support upgrade.

9 Margaret Bunyan Tournament: About 16 people have signed up so far, the majority being ladies
Action: Maung and Will to finalise the draw nearer the time of the competition.

10 Future Events: Quiz Night and Christmas Draw
Everything in place for these events. We have ordered 5000 raffle tickets and Leslie is asking families of children who have coaching, but are not club members, to help with selling tickets. Will pointed out that now he is retired he will not be able to sell as many tickets and appealed to the committee members to sell as many as possible e.g. in the workplace etc.

11 Wimbledon Ballot: Leslie told the committee that we can now opt into the ballot and we need to encourage as many as possible to opt in

12 A.O.B,
The lights and the fan in the ladies’ toilets are still being left on
The cooker is not working
Action: Will to contact electrician regarding the cooker
Lesley to explore costs of sensors and also alternative ways of hand drying in toilets

Minutes of Committee meeting Mon 4th Sep 2017
Date of next meeting; Short committee meeting will take place after the AGM